On Saturday, October 2022, 10, Showa Women's University will hold a symposium "Girls, be ambitious! - Girls, aim for science".In the afternoon of the same day, a “STEAM experience workshop” and a lecture for parents will be held for girls in the 22th to 4th grades.

 In this symposium, we will discuss the current situation and challenges of "acquisition of knowledge and skills in specialized fields of science", which is a challenge for women to play an active role in all fields such as society, economy, and research. think with others.On the day of the event, Teruo Fujii, president of the University of Tokyo, Nobuyuki Hirano, chairman of the Mitsubishi Future Development Foundation, and Noriko Ohsumi, vice president of Tohoku University, will give keynote speeches and panel discussions.

 The date and time will be Saturday, October 2022, 10 from 22:10 to 00:12, and will be held in a hybrid format of Showa Women's University Green Hall (first 00 people) and online format (first 400 people).Participants were teenage girls, their guardians, and educators.Applicants must apply using the dedicated form by Monday, October 500th.

 Furthermore, on the afternoon of Saturday, October 10nd, a "STEAM experience workshop" was held at the adjacent Showa Women's University Junior and Senior High School for girls in grades 22-4.We are recruiting 6 groups for each of the six subjects of biology, chemistry, physics, arithmetic, electronic work, and programming.In addition, Koji Nunomura, a Showa Women's University Admissions Advisor and former Todaiji Gakuen teacher, will hold a lecture for parents on the theme of "'Parents' words' that change the brightness of children's eyes."

Reference: [Showa Women's University] Symposium sponsored by Showa Women's University "Girls, be ambitious! – Girls, aim for science" held

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