In April 2023, Showa Women's University will open a professional graduate school "Graduate School of Social Welfare and Management" (coeducational).In Japan, where the declining birthrate and aging population are accelerating, we train highly specialized professionals who can demonstrate leadership in the fields of health, medical care, and welfare and build a new "welfare co-creative society" with various stakeholders.

 Showa Women's University Graduate School (coeducational) will open a one-year "welfare co-creation management course" and "consumer-oriented management course" for working adults in the master's course of the welfare society research major in the Graduate School of Life Sciences in 2021.People who are active in a wide range of fields have learned.This time, the two courses will be integrated and reorganized as the Professional Graduate School of Social Welfare and Management, Welfare Co-Creation Management Major.

 In classes, students will learn basic theories of both medical care/welfare and business/organizational management, and acquire the interdisciplinary perspective and advanced specialized knowledge necessary for highly specialized leaders.In addition to practical methods aimed at resolving diverse and complex welfare issues, experienced practitioner teachers have been newly recruited to re-skill the specialized knowledge necessary for business management, human resource development, organizational management, and entrepreneurship. )do.

 The degree that can be obtained is a master's degree in welfare co-creation management (professional), and those who have acquired the consumer affairs advisor qualification can also acquire the "master consumer affairs advisor" qualification.Classes are online, online and face-to-face in a hybrid format (weekday evenings + Saturdays), and while working, you can aim to step up to a highly specialized profession with the skills to create new value in response to changes in society. can.Application guidelines will be announced in early October.

reference:[Showa Women's University] Cultivating advanced specialists who contribute to building a welfare co-creative society Showa Women's University Professional Graduate School "Graduate School of Social Welfare and Management" (co-educational) Opened in April 2023

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