Tokiwa University has concluded a partnership agreement with the Ibaraki Small and Medium Enterprise Global Promotion Organization (hereafter referred to as the Global Organization). is open. A total of 2 sessions will be held in fiscal 2022.

 In the first seven sessions of the program, participants will learn about the roles played by SMEs in Japanese industry and their importance.In the latter eight episodes, special lectures will be given by inviting business owners of small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Ibaraki Prefecture as guest speakers through the mediation of the Global Organization.Special lectures are held four times every other week, and group discussions are held every week following the special lectures to deepen understanding of the special lectures.

 At the first special lecture held on November 2022, 11, Hiroto Onuki, CEO of Onuki Kogyosho Co., Ltd. in Hitachi City, took the podium as a guest speaker.He lectured on the management of the company, which is actively developing customers not only in Japan but also in Europe by refining its unique technology in stamping.

 At the second special lecture on November 2, Shozo Takagi, CEO of Takagi Seisakusho Co., Ltd. in Hitachinaka City, took the podium and continued to achieve and maintain good results in the development, production and sales of copper parts and heat sinks. He lectured on the company's history and management.

 On both days, the students took the lectures seriously, and even after the lectures, students were seen asking questions enthusiastically and asking many questions while looking at the sample products introduced by the guests.

Reference: [Tokiwa University] A special lecture was held by inviting small and medium-sized business owners in the Department of Business Administration's "Small and Medium Business Management Theory" 

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