The idea of ​​the students of Toyo Gakuen University Faculty of Modern Management's "Marketing and Media Research Seminar" (Professor Keiko Yashio) has been adopted, and the 2023 Christmas event at Tokyo Dome City "TOKYO DOME CITY Laugh (SHOW) Illumination Christmas is Laughter" has been adopted. It has been decided that the event will be held at SHOW.

 Yashio Seminar started a project in June 2023 in collaboration with Tokyo Dome Co., Ltd. in industry and academia, with the goal of ``proposing events, campaigns, and promotions that will encourage university students to visit'' centered on ``Tokyo Dome City Attractions'' operated by the company. was launched. From November 6st (Tuesday) to February 11th (Thursday), Tokyo Dome City, in collaboration with Yoshimoto Kogyo, will hold an illumination event with the theme of “lol” (SHOW). In order to encourage university students to visit the festival, an interim announcement was made in July, and a meeting was held in October to propose specific plans for the Christmas and Valentine's seasons.

 The project that was adopted this time was ``a proposal to increase the number of university student visitors during the Christmas season,'' and young comedians affiliated with Yoshimoto Kogyo will dress up as Santa Clauses from around the world and greet visitors inside Tokyo Dome City. It's about doing.The dates are December 2023th (Saturday), 12th (Sunday), 16rd (Saturday) to 17th (Monday), 23, and we are currently adjusting which country's Santa Claus will appear.In addition to this project, other devices and performances proposed by seminar students are being considered for implementation.

<Christmas Laughter SHOW Overview>
Name: Christmas Laughter SHOW
Dates: December 2023th (Sat), 12th (Sun), 16rd (Sat) - 17th (Mon), 23
Venue: All areas of Tokyo ドームシティ
*Detailed information regarding Christmas will be released on November 11th.
*Event details may change depending on the situation.

Reference: [Toyo Gakuen University] Student ideas come true through industry-academia collaboration project!Santas from all over the world gather at Tokyo Dome City (PDF)

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