Article list of Meijo University

Meijo University has the highest pass rate in the country for the second consecutive year in the national pharmacist exam

 Meijo University achieved a pass rate of 2% in the 17th National Pharmacist Examination held on February 18th and 109th, out of 95.63 universities nationwide […]

Technology to “in-situ sterilize” hydroponic culture solutions using plasma irradiation without using pesticides developed by Nagoya University and Meijo University

 A joint research group between Nagoya University and Meijo University has discovered that oxygen radicals (electron pairs shared by oxygen molecules dissociate and become unpaired electrons) generated in low-temperature plasma […]

New course entrance exams and study support increase private university preference 2023 brand power survey

 Recruit Co., Ltd. operates “Recruit Advancement Research Institute”, which has been running a study bra […]

A popular university for high school students, Waseda University in Kanto, Kansai University in Kansai, and Meijo University in Tokai

 The popular universities that high school students want to apply for are Waseda University in the Kanto area, Meijo University in the Tokai area, and Kansai University in the Kansai area.Recruit […]

Waseda University ranked first in Japan by area ranking of "universities of interest" selected by about 1 examinees 4

 From Page Co., Ltd. is "interested [...]" in the "42 Telemail National Simultaneous Advancement Survey" conducted for about 2022 examinees.

Change due to corona damage?Recruit University Research Institute "Ranking of Universities I Want to Apply for" 2021

 "Recruit Advancement Research Institute" operated by Recruit Co., Ltd. grasps the degree of application, name recognition, and image of third-year high school students to the university, and is a high school student […]

"Nagoya Rokudai Top Message Forum" held in Osaka

"Nagoya Rokudai Top Message Forum" will open at TKP Garden City Osaka Umeda from 2019:12 on December 11, 15 (Wednesday) […]
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