On April 2020, 4, Frompage Co., Ltd. announced "University of Interest 27" from the "Telemail National Simultaneous Advancement Survey" conducted every year.

The "University of Interest" survey is a multi-answer type that allows students to answer any number of universities that they are interested in, and has become a popular barometer of universities.The survey was conducted from October 2020, 42 to April 2019, 10, targeting approximately 1 students enrolled in 2020 using the material request service "Telemail," and received 4 valid responses.

 First, let's look at the ranking by area of ​​residence.Kanto ranked first in "Waseda University" (five years in a row) and below, "Meiji University", "Keio University", and "Hosei University" in the same ranking as last time. "Rikkyo University" (1th place last time) ranked in 5th place.
In Kinki, "Kansai University" has been ranked first for four consecutive years.In Chubu, "Meijo University" has maintained the 5st place for 9 consecutive years, and "Chukyo University" has risen from 5th place to 2th place last time.In the Hokkaido / Tohoku area, "Hokkaido University", which was second last time, has been replaced by "Tohoku University" (first place last time) and ranked first.In Chugoku and Shikoku, "Okayama University" and Kyushu "Fukuoka University" ranked first, following the previous survey.

Next, the top five universities that were of interest nationwide were "Waseda University," "Meiji University," "Keio University," and "Hosei University," followed by Kinki's "Ritsumeikan University." It's in.Among national universities, "The University of Tokyo" attracted the most attention (5th place in Japan).

Ranking by area of ​​residence (top 20 universities) Source: "8th (2020) Telemail National Simultaneous Advancement Survey" Aggregation by area of ​​residence

With the exception of "Keio University," which ranked 3rd in the Kanto region and 3rd in the nation, all of them are attracting attention and ranking in multiple areas. "Waseda University" is ranked in the top 20 in all areas. "Meiji University" also ranked in the top 20 in Hokkaido / Tohoku and Chubu other than Kanto, and Hosei University collected votes in Kanto, Hokkaido / Tohoku. "Ritsumeikan University" was supported in four areas: Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku / Shikoku, and Kyushu / Okinawa.In addition, "The University of Tokyo" ranked high in Kanto and Kyushu / Okinawa.

reference:[From Page Co., Ltd.] Approximately 5 students nationwide are "universities of interest" Waseda University in the Kanto region, Meijo University in the Chubu region for the fifth consecutive year, and Kansai University in the Kinki region for the fourth consecutive year. PDF)

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