Yamagata University Article List

Characteristics of the Nara Park deer population, such as long-term isolation and genetic uniqueness, are changing.

 A joint research group from Fukushima University, Nara University of Education, and Yamagata University used DNA analysis to investigate the kinship of deer in Nara City, and to determine the origins of the deer in the management area.

Yamagata University releases verification results of entrance exam scoring mistakes, creates new department to prevent recurrence

 Yamagata University's Recurrence Prevention Review Committee has investigated the issue of a scoring error in Yamagata University's 2023 general entrance exam that caused five examinees to fail.

Young women tend to have higher cerebral blood flow than men, confirmed by Nagoya City University

 Lecturer Shigeki Yamada of the Nagoya City University Institute of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Assistant Professor Hiroto Kono of the Shiga University School of Medicine, Nagoya City University, Shiga University of Medicine, the University of Tokyo […]

Yamagata University plans to establish a new "Social Co-Creation Digital Academic Circle (tentative name)" in April 2025, with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Regional Education and Culture, and Faculty of Science collaborating

 Yamagata University will launch the “Social Co-Creation Digital Academic Circle (tentative name)” in April 2025 as a new interdisciplinary degree program that utilizes digital technology.

Researchers, Shonai producers and chefs look forward to the future of food. November 11st event at Yamagata University

 A meet-up event to think about food sustainability will be held on November 2023, 11 at Yamagata University Tsuruoka Campus in Wakaba-cho, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture […]

Yamagata University and Tohoku University of Art and Design jointly offer common classes using AI

 Yamagata University and Tohoku University of Art and Design jointly began offering a common course on the use of AI (artificial intelligence) technology in October.Yamagata University is […]

Moles, which have many mysteries in underground life, determine parenthood using genetic markers, Yamagata University and Fukushima University

 A joint research group of Yamagata University's Yasushi Yamazawa (Faculty of Science, 4th year) and Project Assistant Professor Toshihito Takagi of Fukushima University, directly observes and breeds for a complete underground life […]

Antarctic snow cover has experienced a long-term decline over the last 5000 years and has increased since the Industrial Revolution

 A research group centered on Ikumi Oyabu, a specially appointed researcher at the National Institute of Polar Research,* is working on a large amount of ice excavated at and around the Dome Fuji Station in inland Antarctica […]

Yamagata University newly discovers 168 items of the World Heritage "Nazca Lines"

 A research group led by Professor Masato Sakai of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Yamagata University, is working on the "Land of Nazca" in Peru, South America, which is designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Effective in reducing CO2 emissions and rebuilding the global supply chain

 The fact that rebuilding the global supply chain is effective in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is shown in the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Economics, Kyushu University […]