A meet-up event to think about food sustainability will be held on November 2023, 11 at the Yamagata University Tsuruoka Campus in Wakaba-cho, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture.Researchers from Yamagata University, producers and chefs from the Shonai area will gather to present their research on food and agriculture and exchange opinions regarding future prospects.

 According to Yamagata University, the event will be held from 1:2 pm to 5:1 pm on the XNUMXst, and will be held at Building XNUMX on the Tsuruoka Campus.The aim is to combine the knowledge of Yamagata University researchers, producers and cooks in the Shonai area who are involved in Shonai Smart Terroir, a circular economic zone that is completed within the region, and is an opportunity to promote sustainable food culture. do.

 We have entered an era in which there is a worldwide need to establish sustainable production, consumption, agriculture, and food cultures from the perspectives of resource conservation and health promotion.Yamagata University is continuing its efforts to make the Shonai district a model district for a circular economic zone that can be completed within the region.We hope that this event will serve as an opportunity to deepen collaboration between the university and the local community, and that it will spark a chemical reaction that will lead to food sustainability.

reference:[Yamagata University] On November 11st, researchers, producers, and chefs will gather to hold a meet-up event to think about food sustainability - Exploring the future of food through Shonai Smart Terroir x Ingredients x Cooking -

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