Seven national universities in the Tohoku region, including Tohoku University, and Niigata University have established the Tohoku Sosei National University Alliance, a platform for eight schools to collaborate to innovate in the region and contribute to the development of human resources in the region.For the time being, we will start collaboration in the fields of mathematics, data science, and AI (artificial intelligence).

 According to Niigata University, Tohoku University, Niigata University, Hiromae University, Iwate University, Miyagi University of Education, Akita University, Yamagata University, and Fukushima University will participate in the platform. Eight schools will lead the Tohoku region and Niigata prefecture, aiming to produce human resources who will contribute to the revitalization of the region by demonstrating synergistic effects through human resource development, research, and collaboration with the region.

 Starting with collaboration in the fields of mathematics, data science, and AI, we will promote the provision of educational content that can be mutually utilized and the joint development of curriculum while sharing information at each school.

 In the future, top executives from industry, academia and government in the Tohoku region will gather together and collaborate with the "Wakitatsu Tohoku Liaison Conference" where discussions will be held, and consider expanding the organization to solve regional issues.


reference:[Niigata University] Establishment of "Tohoku Sosei National University Alliance" -Contributing to the development of local human resources through collaboration between 7 national universities in the Tohoku region and Niigata University-

Fukushima University

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Tohoku University

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