List of articles of Sapporo Medical University

Analysis by Nagoya City University and others that the impact of new corona vaccination on breast cancer treatment plan is small

 A research group at Nagoya City University, in collaboration with Sapporo Medical University, Akita University, Mie University, and Okayama University, conducted a multicenter joint observational study […]

Elucidation of the mechanism by which dental metal treatment containing palladium induces allergies

 Research groups at Tohoku University and Sapporo Medical University have clarified the mechanism of metal allergy induction by palladium used in dental treatment.

New Corona Countermeasures, Effective Social Distance Teikyo University

 The research group of Professor Masahiro Sonou and Takamichi Kamibayashi, a clinical assistant at Teikyo University School of Medicine, has been publicly researched in collaboration with Sapporo Medical University, Gifu University, and Osaka Medical University […].

Discovered that "cell aging" caused by exercise promotes skeletal muscle regeneration

 A group from Sapporo Medical University and Hokkaido University found that mesenchymal progenitor cells (Fibro-adipo […]) of skeletal muscle when exercised in normal mice.

Discovered that the longevity gene SIRT1 is involved in the repair of muscle cell membranes Sapporo Medical University

 The longevity gene SIRT1 (sirtuin) works to close the torn hole in the cell membrane, Yoshiyuki Horio, Department of Pharmacology, Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine […]

Succeeded in decoding the entire genome of Jomon people

 A collaborative research group consisting of 7 members from 11 domestic research institutes such as the National Science Museum, the National Institute of Genetics, and the University of Tokyo was excavated on Rebun Island in Hokkaido […]

Differences in the activity of the brain network between Japanese and English Kumamoto University and Sapporo Medical University, etc.

 Research groups such as Professor Kaoru Sekiyama of Kumamoto University, Assistant Professor Atsushi Shinozaki of Sapporo Medical University, and Institute of International Telecommunications Basic Technology, when listening to people face-to-face, […]