List of articles from overseas universities

Glowing snail discovered by Chubu University wins ``Molluscian of the Year'' award

 Yuichi Ohba of Chubu University's Faculty of Applied Biology was selected for the International Mollusk of the Year 2024, which selects the mollusk that attracted the most attention in the world that year.

Treatment by female doctors is beneficial for female patients, the University of Tokyo and others compare using large-scale US data

 A joint research team from the University of Tokyo Graduate School and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) found that more patients treated by female doctors than male doctors […]

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria spread to Antarctica through migratory birds; University of Yamanashi and others warn of global spread

 A research team from the University of Yamanashi, the National Institute of Polar Research, and the University of Minnesota discovered that the migratory bird Antarctic Skua (hereinafter referred to as the skua) […]

Minerva University in the US establishes base in Japan with Nippon Foundation, approximately 150 students will come to Japan and program will start in fall 2025

 On April 2024, 4, the Nippon Foundation, in partnership with Minerva University in the state of California, U.S.A., and Minerva Japan, a general incorporated association, announced that the Nippon Foundation […]

Spouse's cardiovascular disease increases spouse's risk of depression, Kyoto University reveals

 Master's student Toshimasa Furumura of Boston University School of Public Health, Associate Professor Kosuke Inoue and Professor Naoki Kondo of Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, US Caliph […]

World's first successful transplantation of a hybrid oxygenator lung made from mouse lungs regenerated with human cells Tohoku University

 A research team from Tohoku University and the University of Toronto created a hybrid bioartificial product by removing cells from mouse lungs and culturing and colonizing human cells within them.

Older males are more persistent in the fight at hand Discovering changes in fighting patterns depending on the age of beetles

 A joint study between Okayama University and the University of Exeter in the UK has revealed that the fighting patterns between males of the beetle, the giant horned beetle, depend on the age of the males […]

Discovery of gender differences in motor nerve activity characteristics and asymmetry Kanazawa University, etc.

 Assistant Professor Yuichi Nishikawa of Kanazawa University, Professor Kohei Watanabe of Chukyo University, Professor Ales Holobar of the University of Maribor (Slovenia), in front of Hiroshima University […]

CREST “NARRABODY”, a strategic creative research promotion project, kicks off with the 1st Japan-France joint meeting

 Professor Sotaro Shimada of Meiji University, Professor Shogo Tanaka of Tokai University, Professor Shu Morioka of Kio University, and Yves Ro of the French National Institute of Health and Medicine […]

Kyushu University and others successfully developed a reprogramming method to produce limb progenitor cells that create limbs

 A research group from Kyushu University Graduate School of Science and Harvard Medical School's Graduate School of Genetics has developed a system that can impart limb progenitor cell properties to non-limb cells.
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