List of articles from overseas universities

Nagoya University and Kyoto Sangyo University clarified the mechanism of stomatal formation suppression after submersion in amphibious plants

 A joint research group of Nagoya University and Kyoto Sangyo University* found that in amphibious plants, submersion is quickly detected by ethylene, and leaf stomata are formed […]

International college of technology reports on the career paths of the first batch of international colleges of technology

 Kokusai College of Technology in Ishikawa Prefecture is a 15-year higher education institution that aims to become a global innovator from the age of 5 after graduating from junior high school. In 2018, Kanazawa […]

Elucidation of the onset mechanism of osteoarthritis of the knee, Nagoya University, etc.

 According to an international joint research group led by Hiroki Iijima YLC assistant professor at Nagoya University, articular cartilage that has hardened with age is a key factor in longevity in osteoarthritis […]

Covid-2022 and influenza won't coexist until XNUMX

 Project Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo and Chief Researcher Emi Koge of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Research Center for Influenza and Respiratory Viruses […]

Succeeded in photographing the eating habits of wild bears from the perspective of a bear, such as Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

 An international joint research team consisting of researchers from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, the University of Illinois in the United States, Tokyo University of Agriculture, etc. has developed a collar equipped with a video camera […]

Innate Immune Cells Remember Old Obesity: Negative Risk of Exacerbation of Neuroinflammation Even After Weight Loss

 Past obesity was found to be remembered by the innate immune system and negatively impact neuroinflammation later in life.Research by Kyoto University, Montreal University, etc. […]

The cause of fatigue caused by "smartphone neck" is excessive muscle activity of the trapezius muscle, Kanazawa University and others discovered

 In recent years, the forward head and neck posture, which has attracted attention as a smartphone neck and a straight neck, is a posture seen in a wide range of age groups, including young people.Kanazawa University […]

Mechanism of anthrax infection clarified for the first time in the world by Setsunan University and others

 Research groups such as Professor Yasuyuki Kubo, Assistant Professor Sayo Kodama of the Faculty of Agriculture, Setsunan University, the University of Marseille, France, and the Disease Model Research Center of Kanazawa University […]

Changes in foraging behavior of raccoon dogs and badgers before and after COVID-XNUMX Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology/University of Illinois

 An international joint research team consisting of Shigeru Osugi (doctoral research student) at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Graduate School and the University of Illinois in the United States has announced that the new coronavirus […]
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