List of articles from overseas universities

Overconfident people's perception of unfairness does not support rectification of inequality, survey in the United States including Tokyo University of Science

 A research group from Tokyo University of Science and Princeton University has found that overconfident people have a balance between their abilities and income from an online survey in the United States […]

First update of koala anatomical knowledge in the last century Identification of hip and leg muscles based on innervation

 A joint research group from Kyoto University, Juntendo University, and Saitama Medical University carried out macroscopic dissection of the muscles of the koala's buttocks (buttocks) and lower limbs (rear thighs) […]

Creation of Japanese version of British Young Carers Scale, fact-finding survey of 5,000 junior and senior high school students

 Young carers are children and young people under the age of 18 who take care of family members in need of care, do household chores, and have adult responsibilities […]

Hong Kong Polytechnic University Establishes School of Fashion & Textiles

 On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University established the Institute of Textiles and Clothing.

International research groups such as RIKEN and Waseda University develop ultra-thin organic solar cell mounting "cyborg insect"

 Kenjiro Fukuda, a full-time researcher at RIKEN Pioneering Research Headquarters, Waseda University, and Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, an international joint research group, are working on optical energy […]

Nara Women's University discovered a substance that prevents the invasion of Argentine ants and fire ants from native Japanese ants

 A joint research team* from Nara Women's University, etc. has severely repelled invasive ants such as Argentine ants and fire ants, as if they had met a mighty enemy […]

A simulator developed by Nagoya University and others to verify the end of isolation for new corona infected people

 Professor Shingo Iwami of the Graduate School of Nagoya University is conducting joint research with Assistant Professor Keisuke Ejima of Indiana University in the United States […]

El Salvador field survey by Osaka Public University and others to identify high-risk areas for Chagas disease infection

 A research group from the Graduate School of Osaka Public University (Yuko Nitahara and others) and the Graduate School of Gunma University are working with the Ministry of Health of El Salvador and the University of El Salvador […]

Discovery of a new function of vitamin K: suppression of ferroptosis, “lipid oxidation cell death”

 It was found that vitamin K has a strong inhibitory effect on ferroptosis (lipid oxidation cell death).Tohoku University and the German Helmholtz Center […]

The decision to host the Tokyo Olympics will not affect the rate of sports participation

 The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee cites the improvement of the nation's sports implementation rate as a legacy of hosting the Olympics, but the decision to hold the Olympics is the nation's implementation of sports […]
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