Article list of local production for local consumption

Chiba University of Commerce, student and company develop products at "honey" beekeeping on campus

 In the beekeeping business "Kounodai bee Garden" of Chiba University of Commerce (CUC), a commerce developed with a local company using the beekeeping "honey" […]

Volunteer students from Josai University, Department of Medical Nutrition Operate "One Day Cafe" at Ume Farm

 The second and third graders of the Department of Medical Nutrition, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Josai University, started planning and operating a cafe with the cooperation of Ume Farm and Yamaguchi Farm in Ogose Town.

Eggs of registered dietitians develop "non-standard apple" jam with the aim of local production for local consumption and reduction of food loss Kio University

 Kio University's food education volunteer circle "Kio nutrition egg team" used non-standard apples from the local area of ​​Nara Prefecture […]