List of articles in elementary school

Appointed as a teacher in the third year of university, special selection from 3 in Yokohama City

 The Yokohama City Board of Education will set up a special selection system for third-year students recommended by the university for the 2023 elementary school teacher employment exam.Informal appointment time for teachers […]

Osaka Public University and Panasonic Connect will start offering "YOSS Cloud Service" from December 12 to catch children's SOS at an early stage and lead to support

 From December 2022, 12, Osaka Public University and Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. will provide children […]

Virtual transfer students that bring diversity to small classes Shizuoka University, Fukui University, etc. App development

 Avatar is La […] for the general incorporated association “Professionals for All Schools” that supports career education at Shizuoka University, University of Fukui and remote schools.

Children attending schools with high social capital have good mental health Hirosaki University

 Social capital is "the efficiency of society can be improved by activating the cooperative behavior of people [...].

Temporary closure of elementary and junior high schools, corona suppression effect could not be confirmed, Gakushuin University investigated

 Gakushuin University […] It is not possible to confirm evidence that the temporary closure of elementary and junior high schools implemented in the spring of 2020 suppressed the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Utilization of learning history of digital textbooks, demonstration experiments at elementary and junior high schools in Tsukuba City Tohoku University, etc.

 Tatsuya Hotta's laboratory at the Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University is the Tsukuba City Board of Education, Ibaraki Prefecture, Tokyo Shoseki, a textbook publication, and ICT for learning (Information and Communication […].

Tokiwa University Faculty of Policy Management, students start activities to spread SDGs in elementary school

 Tokiwa University joined the United Nations Academic Impact in September 2019, and in collaboration with higher education institutions and international organizations around the world, […]

Kio University holds an online seminar to think about "learning tasks for Japanese language" and "guidance and evaluation for physical education" in elementary school

 The Institute for Contemporary Education, Kio University is aimed at teachers in the field as part of the activities that help improve the educational ability in the field, which is the purpose of the establishment […]

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology requests human resources bank and students to cooperate in preparation for school reopening

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has opened a school / child supporter human resources bank in preparation for the reopening of schools that had been closed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection […]

1,150 people start online learning at Kansai University's elementary, middle and high schools

 At Kansai University Elementary School, Middle School, and High School, about 2020, […] children / students during the school closure period until May 5, 6 due to the influence of the new coronavirus.
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