List of articles in the exhibition

Daito Bunka University's "National Calligraphy Exhibition" is now available in VR for the first time on a virtual exhibition site

 Daito Bunka University made the "2021nd National Calligraphy Exhibition" held on November 11th and 27th, 28 into VR for the first time, and on the virtual exhibition site […]

Toyo Gakuen University holds a mini exhibition to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the completion of mosaic mural painting by architect Kenji Imai

 Located on the west wall of Toyo Gakuen University Building No. 1, this large mural has been entertaining people since the days of the former Toyo Women's Junior College.Architect Kenji Imai (1895- […]

Tama Art University holds a special exhibition "Silent Sculpture" by three students selected from the Graduate School of Sculpture

 Tama Art University will open on Saturday, November 2021th at "Tama Art University TUB", which opened in the Tokyo Midtown Design Hub in April 4 […]

Tokyo Zokei University "New Usage Exhibition of Carbon Neutral Linoleum" 3 / 2-7

 Tokyo Zokei University will hold "New Usage Exhibition of Carbon Neutral Linoleum Material" at Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo from March 2021 to 3, 2 […]

Kyoritsu Women's University Museum "Beauty of Gifts in Japan" Theme Exhibition Held

 From November 2020, 11, the Kyoritsu Women's University Museum will exhibit the culture related to Japanese gifts, focusing on clothing and crafts.