Information security article list

Account leaks at domestic universities, frequency in 2022 at record high level

 According to the security measure source pod, the number of accounts leaked from domestic universities in 2022 will be about 1 […]

Tohoku University develops secure authentication technology that efficiently generates high-quality hardware fingerprints

 Next-generation networks such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber-physical systems (CPS), which have been attracting attention in recent years […]

Highly confidential TV video conference, NTT Bizlink and National Institute of Informatics to provide services

 NTT Bizlink provides universities and research institutes with a highly secure TV video conferencing system developed with the cooperation of the National Institute of Informatics free of charge […]

Yokohama National University and BB Soft Service Report IoT Cyber ​​Security Threats

 Yokohama National University and BB Soft Service Corp. of SoftBank Group Corp. are consuming general cyber security threats targeting IoT devices […]

Waseda University Establishes Data Science Research and Education Center

 Waseda University established the Data Science Research and Education Center on the Waseda Campus in Tokyo and started its activities.Various with the progress of information and communication technology […]

Rapid increase in cyber attacks from virus-infected IoT devices Reported by Yokohama National University and others

 Yokohama National University and SoftBank Group's BB Soft Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BBSS") are conducting IoT cyber threat analysis in August […]

Difficult to decipher even with a quantum computer Hokkaido Kyoiku University and others develop a new method of public key cryptography

 Public key cryptography based on a new principle that is difficult to decipher even with a quantum computer is available from Hokkaido Kyoiku University, Kyushu University, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and Toshiba Corporation […]

Japan University and Deloitte Tohmatsu collaborate in the field of crisis management

 The Faculty of Risk Management, Nihon University is a consultant Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory (President Hitoshi Karasuno, Tokyo), Limited Liability Audit […]

Tohoku University succeeds in generating unpolarized single photons, realizing quantum dice with photons

 A research group at Tohoku University decided to use diamonds to generate single photons in a truly random polarized state, both statically and dynamically […].

University institutional repository, 2015 schools set up in 46

 In 2016, the number of universities with "institutional repositories" that publish research results to national, public and private university libraries increased by 46, while 3% of private universities […]