The security measure source pod has summarized the results of a survey that the number of accounts leaked from domestic universities in 2022 will be about 1.Although the number of leaks is at a low level, the frequency of leaks and the extent of the damage have reached record high levels.

 According to Sourcepod, the data as of the end of September 791 was aggregated for the domain accounts of 2022 universities in Japan, and the number of leaks, the frequency of leaks, and the scale of damage were calculated.

 Of these, about 1 were leaked, far below the 6,000 in 2, when the frequency of leaks reached a record high and the second largest scale of damage.However, 2021 universities were leaked in just one month in September, and there were frequent cases of unauthorized access to universities. It was judged.

 Malware such as ransomware is increasing in attacks on university accounts.Universities are expected to resume face-to-face classes and use of facilities, and use of the online environment is expected to decrease from peak times. It warns that it is necessary to be careful not to leave it unattended.

Source:[Source Pod] Account leakage status report for 2022 domestic universities in September 9

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