Article list of new coronavirus

A model developed by the University of Tsukuba that visualizes the risk of virus infection in a home immediately after returning home

 A research group at the University of Tsukuba and Lion Corporation is investigating how pathogens attached to fingers and objects are transferred to other people's fingers […]

Checklist Released after Relaxation of Mask-wearing Rules Juntendo University

 Professor Ken Hori of the Graduate School of Medicine, Juntendo University has been off since March 3, when the wearing of masks to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections will be eased.

Heat-not-burn tobacco use is a risk factor for new coronavirus infection and aggravation

 A research group led by Associate Professor Kazuhisa Asai of Osaka Public University and Takahiro Tabuchi, Assistant Director of the Osaka International Cancer Center, is investigating the novel coronavirus among heat-not-burn tobacco users […]

What is the supplementary exam for the school of your choice?Research in advance and prepare for "just in case"

Entrance exams are always in motion, such as adjusting scores in the common university entrance exam.No one knows when an unforeseen situation will occur for an examinee […]

Prejudice and aftereffects of new corona infection affect psychological burden and work dysfunction, survey by Hiroshima University and others

 A research group at Hiroshima University Graduate School, Hiroshima Municipal Funairi Municipal Hospital, Miyoshi Central Hospital, and the Hiroshima Prefectural Infectious Diseases and Disease Control Center is investigating the novel coronavirus […]

Covid-2022 and influenza won't coexist until XNUMX

 Project Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo and Chief Researcher Emi Koge of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Research Center for Influenza and Respiratory Viruses […]

More than half of people infected with the new coronavirus have aftereffects, surveyed by Osaka Public University

 A research group led by Kazunori Imoto, a lecturer at Osaka Public University Graduate School, conducted a questionnaire survey of 285 people regarding the aftereffects of new coronavirus infection […]

About half of the active third-year high school students said, "I want you to leave me alone" the day before the exam "Study Sapuri Career" survey

 The career information media “Study Sapuri Career” provided by Recruit Co., Ltd. is “Stu […]

6% of new adults say, "No restrictions on going out even if the number of corona infections increases"

 2023% of the new adults who are eligible to participate in the 6-year-old gathering (coming-of-age ceremony) in XNUMX said, “Even if the number of people infected with the new coronavirus increases, we will not restrict going out.” […]

Common test for university entrance, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology updated response to new corona close contact

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will update its response to close contacts and announce it on its website as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infectious disease in the common university entrance test […]
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