New adult article list

26% of new adult users, unreasonable shopping with postpaid payment

 Twenty-six percent of new adults who have used postpaid payments used postpaid payments for shopping that they couldn't afford with their cash or deposits […]

Books read by 20 and 18 years old, "TikTok selling" works are popular honto ranking survey

 A hybrid operated by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. in collaboration with MaruzenJunkudo Bookstore Co., Ltd., Bunkyodo Co., Ltd. and To Defect Co., Ltd. […]

79% of new adults who "want to get married" recovered significantly from the previous year O-net surveyed

 O-net, Inc., which provides a marriage partner introduction service, targets 2022 new adults (618 men and women each) who will reach the adult ceremony in 309 […]

New adult "ideal way of working" is investigated by Cybozu, a hybrid type of commuting and telework

 At Cybozu Teamwork Research Institute, which provides methods for teamwork and work style reform to companies and organizations, students who will become new adults in 2022 4 […]