List of articles of High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

Alliance to strengthen research capabilities of four inter-university research institutes in Japan

 4 inter-university research institute corporations such as the National Institutes for the Humanities and the Graduate University for Advanced Studies have 5 inter-university research and education alliances as employees […]

Okayama Prefecture mineral "henmilite" produces quantum mechanical fluctuations, discovered by Tohoku University and others

 A research group * by Assistant Professor Meng Yamamoto of Tohoku University has found that henmilite from Okayama Prefecture is a magnetic material with strong quantum mechanical fluctuations […].

Non-destructive elucidation of Koan Ogata's "medicine bottle that does not open", Osaka University succeeds in analysis with Muon Beam

 The research team of Professor Kyoko Takahashi of Osaka University and others collaborated with Professor Yasuhiro Miyake of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) and others, Hiroshi Ogata […]

Development of technology for coating paper with plastic silica, such as the University of Tokyo

 Researchers at Transcendental Chemical Research Co., Ltd., High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, and the University of Tokyo have added a silica coating to the paper material […]