The Institute of Enology and Veterinary Sciences, Graduate School of Comprehensive Research, Yamanashi University, Niigata University Japanese Sake Science Center, and Kagoshima University Faculty of Agriculture, Shochu and Fermentation Education and Research Center will collaborate in education and research related to alcoholic beverages and return the results to society. , Conclude a cooperation agreement on the 30th.

 According to the University of Yamanashi, the signing ceremony for the partnership agreement will be held online by connecting three schools, including the lecture room of the University of Yamanashi Wine Science Research Center.After the contents of the agreement are introduced, the representatives of the three centers will sign the agreement.The purpose of the collaboration is to collaborate on education and research related to alcoholic beverages, community contribution, industry-academia collaboration, international exchange, etc., to return results to society and contribute to academic development and human resource development.

 The Yamanashi University Wine Science Research Center was established in 1947 as the Enzyme Research Institute attached to the predecessor Yamanashi Technical College, and has the oldest history as a Japanese liquor research center.The Kagoshima University Shochu and Fermentation Education and Research Center started as a shochu science course in 2006, and relaunched as a center in 2011.The Niigata University Sake Science Center was opened in 2018.Yamanashi Prefecture is one of Japan's leading wine producing regions.Kagoshima Prefecture is active in the production of shochu, and Niigata Prefecture is active in the production of sake, and each center plays a leading role in the development of local industries.

 In recent years, exports of Japanese alcoholic beverages to Europe and other countries have increased, and attention is increasing.It has greatly contributed to the promotion of Japanese culture and regional revitalization, and it is likely that locals will raise expectations for the unique cooperation of the three schools through alcoholic beverages.

reference:[University of Yamanashi]-"Wine, Shochu, Sake" academic network started-9 University center cooperation agreement conclusion ceremony held on 30/XNUMX (Thursday) (PDF)

Kagoshima University

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