Yamanashi Prefecture, Yamanashi University, and Yamanashi Prefectural University have signed a partnership agreement with the aim of effectively utilizing educational resources and developing highly specialized human resources.The two universities will establish a general incorporated association "University Alliance Yamanashi (tentative name)" in FY2019, aiming to become the first university cooperation promotion corporation (tentative name) in which national and public universities collaborate on credit transfer.

 According to Yamanashi Prefecture, the ceremony to conclude the cooperation agreement is the prefectural office, and Governor Kotaro Nagasaki, Makoto Shimada, President of Yamanashi University, and Kazuhiko Shimizu, President of Yamanashi Prefectural University signed the agreement.The agreement states that Yamanashi Prefecture will support the development of highly specialized human resources and human resources that contribute to industrial promotion, the effective use of educational resources, and the implementation of joint research.

 The two universities will use this collaboration as a foothold and aim to establish a general incorporated association by the end of FY2019.Both universities will participate in the general incorporated association while maintaining their individual independence, and will seek new collaborative projects centered on the general incorporated association.

 At the same time, after the Central Education Council mentioned in a report in November 2018 the institutionalization of a university cooperation promotion corporation in which multiple national, public and private universities in the region cooperate, it was the first time in Japan to use the establishment of a general incorporated association as a foothold. A policy of aiming for corporate approval.

 Although Yamanashi Prefecture is adjacent to the Tokyo metropolitan area, it is suffering from a declining population, with the population falling below 2018 for the first time in 4 years in April 33.Both universities are national and public universities that are popular among students, but they are under pressure to find ways to survive in preparation for a future decline in students.

reference:[Yamanashi Prefecture] Regarding the conclusion of the "Agreement on Cooperation and Cooperation between Yamanashi Prefecture, Yamanashi University and Yamanashi Prefectural University" (PDF)
Reconstruction of Yamanashi Academia (PDF)

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Fostering next-generation researchers and leaders who will play an active role in each field, which will be the "core of the region" in knowledge and technology.

The roots of Yamanashi University are in the "Kitenkan", a school of the Edo Shogunate, which was established in 1796. Inheriting the tradition of "knowledge" for more than 200 years, we provide society with a place of learning that will satisfy each and every one of us.With abundant humanity and ethics, with a wide range of knowledge and deep expertise, next-generation researchers and each […]

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