On December 2022, 12, educational corporation Jissen Joshigakuen and educational corporation Mukogawa Gakuin signed an agreement to deepen cooperation and cooperation at Mukogawa Women's University in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.Both are women's comprehensive academies with junior high schools and high schools under their umbrella, and this is the first time that Jissen Girls' Academy has entered into a collaboration and cooperation agreement between school corporations.

 The agreement aims to promote exchanges between students and students, international exchanges, and mutual use of facilities, centered on education, academic research, industry-university collaboration, and cooperation in social contribution projects.In addition, as a school with a long history of working on women's education, it can be said that it is characteristic that they have built a cooperative relationship with regard to "promoting the active participation of women."

 Akimasa Yamamoto, president of Jissen Joshi Gakuen, said at the signing ceremony, "Mukogawa Women's University has maintained the largest scale among the 70 women's universities in Japan. We are also promoting education unique to women's universities, such as ``, and we are doing our best to become a university of choice. He emphasized, "Starting from today, I would like to find ways to collaborate in a wide range of fields, including education, research, industry-academia collaboration, and international exchange, as specified in the agreement. I also hope that we can discuss issues related to women's empowerment toward collaboration." bottom.
 In response, Mukogawa Gakuin President Kaoru Okawara said, "The mission of women's universities is to help correct gender disparities in society by nurturing women who can contribute to society. That role will continue to grow. I want to join hands with like-minded people to reform society."

Reference: [Jissen Women's University] Signed a collaboration and cooperation agreement with Mukogawa Gakuin!This is the first time that a cooperation agreement has been concluded between school corporations.

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