Toyo Gakuen University is co-sponsoring with Bunkyo Gakuin University, which is also located in Bunkyo Ward and has professional dancers who are active all over the world, as a student. Sakina Onishi (Toyo Gakuen University) is a student at both universities and a professional dancer who is active all over the world. University/Ballroom Dance) and Raimu Kawai (Bunkyo Gakuin University/Breakin) will hold a "dance experience session" for elementary school students and younger on Saturday, September 2023, 9 (holiday).Participation is free of charge, advance registration required.

 Sakina Onishi (Toyo Gakuen University/Ballroom Dance) and Raimu Kawai (Bunkyo Gakuin University/Breakin) are currently active while balancing their studies and competitions, and hope to convey the charm of dance to the next generation in the future. .Both universities will fully support this idea and hold an event where local children can experience top-class dance techniques and the charm of dance.

 Starting in 2012, dance became a compulsory subject in junior high school physical education for both boys and girls, and dance was included as an ``expressive movement'' in the curriculum guidelines for elementary schools.Furthermore, breaking has become an official event at the Paris Olympics, and ballroom dancing is also attracting attention through various media outlets.This is an unprecedented event for children that combines breaking and ballroom dancing, and is expected to explore new possibilities for each type of dance and contribute to its promotion.

 The number of participants for the "Dance Experience Session" is limited to the first 50 people (for elementary school students and younger).Parents and children can participate together.Those who wish to participate should apply from the application-only URL.

Sakina Onishi
4th year student at the Department of English Communication, Faculty of Global Communication, Toyo Gakuen University. She won the 2021 Mikasa Cup All Japan Standard Championship, represented Japan at the World Championship, won the 2022 All Japan 10 Dance Championship, and was in the top 11 of the 18th IWGA TheWorld Games.

Mr. Raimu Kawai
4th year student at the Department of Child Development, Faculty of Humanities, Bunkyo Gakuin University. 2018 Youth Olympic Games (Buenos Aires) gold medalist, 2023 Breaking Asian Championships 9th place.

Reference: [Toyo Gakuen University] Two universities fully support students' dreams "Dance experience session" presented by world-class student dancers Convey the charm of dance to children through a collaboration of breaking and ballroom dance (PDF)

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