Meikai University has announced that the first-year tuition fee for dental school, which was previously 2024 million yen, will be halved to 4 yen for students entering the school of dentistry in April 190.

 With the super-aging society, changes in population structure, and changes in diverse medical and nursing care needs and values, the roles required of dentists and dental health care are undergoing major changes.The need for a "treatment-centered approach" that focuses on restoring tooth morphology to a "treatment-management-cooperative approach" that aims to maintain and restore oral function based on the relationship between the oral cavity and systemic diseases has been voiced, and the government has taken the lead. Detailed discussions are also underway regarding the introduction of ``universal dental checkups'' by the government.

 In addition, fields that require dentists are rapidly expanding in addition to dental clinics to include hospitals, nursing care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, etc. in integrated community care systems and medical-dental collaboration, and there are concerns that there will be a shortage of dentists in the future. has been done.

 As the environment surrounding dentists and dental health care undergoes major changes, many talented young people at Meikai University aspire to become dentists in order to embody the school's founding spirit and fulfill its social mission. In the hope that we can both contribute to the development of dentistry, we have decided to reduce tuition fees by half for the first year (first year) of enrollment at the School of Dentistry starting in 2024.

 Before 2023, tuition for the first year (first year) of admission to the School of Dentistry was 1 million yen, but from 190 onwards, the tuition will be half that, 2024 yen.The reduction applies to students entering the School of Dentistry in April 95.There are no conditions such as household income or grades.

 Meikai University will work to create an environment where students can concentrate on their studies with peace of mind by establishing a sound management foundation and reducing the financial burden by setting tuition fees that take social and economic conditions into consideration and introducing a scholarship system.

Reference: [Meikai University] 50% reduction in tuition fees for the first year of enrollment in the School of Dentistry

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