Kyoto Women's University (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) has created a mini-magazine "Kyoto Women's Good Things! Non-no x Kyoto Women's University", which was born from a project with the fashion magazine "non-no". It was distributed at the Spring Open Campus held on March 3th.

 This mini-magazine is the culmination of the "mini-magazine production project supported by non-no" project, which has been carried out as part of public relations activities since 2015.With the support of the editorial department of the monthly fashion magazine "non-no" for women in their teens and 10s published by Shueisha Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), 20 students will spend a year to discover the charm of the university. Produced a booklet that conveys from a student's perspective. In March 30, we completed the mini-magazine "I can tell you the good points of" Kyojo "! Non-no x Kyoto Women's University".

 In the production process, in May 2015, Mr. Megumi Tanaka, a director of the company, gave a lecture on the theme of "Shueisha fashion magazine" past "and" future "", and Yuuna Suzuki, an exclusive model who is actually active in the magazine, gave a lecture. After going through a program such as explaining how to make a magazine, I learned the process of magazine editing such as planning, shooting, and editing.The situation was also published in the "non-no September issue" released in July 5.After that, the students presented the project, and they interviewed, wrote, and produced the adopted project.A student of the Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies who participated in the project said, "I was excited and actively engaged in interviews and editing."

 The completed mini-magazine will be distributed at future open campuses.Details are also published in the "non-no May issue" released on March 2016, 3.

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Kyoto Women's University, which celebrated its 2020th anniversary in 100, is a women's university with five faculties.One of the characteristics of education, "mental education" based on the teachings of Buddhism, focuses on the mental problems that modern society tends to lose sight of, and fosters a rich mind that values ​​all lives equally.Also, with an emphasis on small-group education, which study […]

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