From July 2020, 7, Tokyo Denki University launched the official YouTube channel "Denki University YouTube Campus" for examinees and high school students.It will be newly opened separately from the existing official YouTube channel for examinees and high school students, and will be an alternative measure to cancel the visit-type open campus.

 "Denki University YouTube Campus" is called "the third campus after Tokyo Senju and Saitama Hatoyama" and has five types of content. In addition to "Introduction to Universities", "Introduction to the Second Department of Engineering (Night Department)", "Guidance for School Recommended Selection / Comprehensive Selection", and "Guidance for General / Common Test Use Selection", we will introduce the features of the departments and departments. Not only faculty members but also current students will appear in the "Introduction to each department / department" to convey a more realistic university life from the perspective of current students.

 There are currently 40 videos.It can be edited to about 1 to 5 minutes per book so that students, high school students and parents can easily watch it at their favorite time, and can watch it throughout the year without setting a specific delivery date.We will continue to produce content and release a total of 10 videos in sequence by early August.

 In addition, Tokyo Denki University is also opening an "online individual consultation meeting" where you can consult using Zoom, etc., and an "admissions Q & A special site" that summarizes questions and answers about entrance exams that are often asked by examinees.With the prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, we are actively disseminating information online.

reference:[YouTube] Tokyo Denki YouTube Campus

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