Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology will raise tuition fees for students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate schools in 2024.The price increase will be 12.3% to 20% of the standard amount, the current amount, and will be used to reform science innovation education and promote internationalization.Admission fees will not change.

 According to Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, students entering the university will be paid 53 yen, an increase of 5,800 yen, or 20% of the standard amount, from the current 10 yen. The price increase and amount will be the same for third-year transfer students, but the price will increase starting from 7,160 transfer students.


 Based on the president's vision of ``maximizing people's future value based on science,'' Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology aims to develop human resources who can contribute to solving global environmental issues in areas such as food, the environment, and energy.The amount of this price increase will be used to improve the educational environment and support learning, and promote the training of innovative human resources with high value.

 At the same time, by utilizing Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology's own financial resources, we aim to achieve 100% tuition exemption for undergraduate and graduate students who request exemption.In addition, measures will be taken to expand and strengthen the grant-type scholarship system to support progression from undergraduate to master's (master's) programs, and from master's (master's) programs to doctoral (doctoral) programs.

reference:[Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology] Tuition fees will be revised for students enrolling from 2024 (Reiwa 6) onwards (undergraduate and graduate programs)

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