Starting in 2024, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will expand the tuition reduction/exemption system based on economic reasons at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo Metropolitan Graduate University of Industrial Technology, and Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Science and Technology, making tuition fees free for households with an annual income of less than 910 million yen. do.A system will be established in which households with multiple children will be exempted from half the tuition fee, and this will apply not only to new students but also to current students.

 According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the support includes waiving tuition fees in full for households with an estimated annual income of less than 910 million yen, on the condition that the student's livelihood supporter resides in Tokyo, and providing support for families with three or more dependent children. Half of the tuition fee will be waived for households with multiple children, even if the annual income is 3 million yen or more.The estimated annual household income of 910 million yen is based on a model of a four-person household where one of the parents is a salaried worker and the child is 910 years old and a junior high school student, and will vary depending on the household composition.

 Even if you are not eligible for this system, there is a tuition reduction/exemption system currently being implemented by Tokyo metropolitan universities, the Tokyo Metropolitan Graduate School of Industrial Science and Technology, and the Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Science and Technology. Full or half tuition fees will be waived depending on the amount.
Until now, the Tokyo metropolitan government had exempted all tuition fees at metropolitan universities and other institutions from households with an estimated annual income of 478 million yen or less, as long as the person living in Tokyo lived there.

reference:[Tokyo] New tuition reduction/exemption system for metropolitan universities, etc. Implementing new support for families raising children in Tokyo (tuition is effectively free)

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