Saitama Institute of Technology is working on regional revitalization using the anime "Lehman's Club" (broadcast on TV Asahi), which is set in Fukaya.This time, the Hiroyuki Motoyoshi Laboratory of the Department of Information Sociology, Faculty of Human Sociology, and Michi-no-Eki Okabe have collaborated to create a drink with the motif of the drink "Nattou Cola" that appears in the anime "Lehman's Club".The name is "Nattoku Cola". Developed "Cola". Sales began at Okabe Roadside Station from October 2023, 10.

 Saitama Institute of Technology has formed the "Sunlight Beverage Fukaya Shopping District Support Group" to work on regional revitalization using the anime "Lehman's Club" set in Fukaya, and has organized events such as the Fukaya Tanabata Festival and the Fukaya City Industrial Festival. We carry out regional exchange activities and product development using anime.

 The ``Nattoku Cola'' to be released this time is part of this effort, and was developed based on the motif of ``Nattou Cola'', a drink manufactured by ``Sunlight Beverage'', the company where the main characters work in the anime ``Lehman's Club''. ``Nattoku Cola'' does not contain natto, but is a drink based on original cola that is rich in natural calcium and minerals, and is named ``Nattoku Cola'' which means ``a cola with a satisfying taste.''

 Manufactured by Toda Dairy Co., Ltd. (Ogano-cho, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Prefecture), each bottle is 1ml and sold for 340 yen including tax.Product planning and design were handled by the Hiroyuki Motoyoshi Laboratory of the Department of Information Sociology, Faculty of Human Sociology, Saitama Institute of Technology.Sales will be carried out by Roadside Station Okabe, with plans to expand gradually.

 A portion of the sales will be donated to the Fukaya City Children's Welfare Fund. Aiming to be the second new Fukaya souvenir following the drink "Negi Ginger" created by "Lehman's Club", we will collaborate with Michi-no-Eki Okabe and the Fukaya Shopping District Association to promote it.

*The anime "Lehman's Club" will be broadcast on TV Asahi's 2022 nationwide networks, BS Asahi, and CS TV Asahi Channel in 24.A work that depicts two aspects: the daily life of an office worker who is a badminton player, and the drama of an athlete.Fukaya Station, Fukaya Big Turtle, green onion farmers, etc. in Fukaya City appear in the story.

Reference: [Saitama Institute of Technology] Lehman's Club × Saitama Institute of Technology × Roadside Station Okabe The second drink that jumped out from the anime, following the hit drink “Negi Ginger”!``Nattoku Cola'', which is based on Sunlight Beverage's ``Nattou Cola'', will be on sale from October 2th!

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