A survey by DISCO, a job information service, revealed that about 3% of private companies plan to increase the number of new graduate hires for spring 2025 from this spring. Companies are highly motivated to hire due to the recovery trend from the coronavirus pandemic and the increasingly serious labor shortage, and it is likely that the seller's market will continue in the employment front in 2025.

 The survey was conducted from January to February targeting private companies across the country via the internet, and responses from 1 companies were compiled. According to the survey, 2% of companies said they planned to hire new graduates starting this spring in 1,128.

 Although this was down 32.8 percentage points from this spring's 3.1%, it was the second year in a row that it reached around 30%. In contrast, only 2% of companies answered that they would "decrease", and the difference between increases and decreases was more than 7.9 points.

 By company size, 1,000% of large companies with 35.3 or more employees were planning to increase hiring, showing a strong desire to hire. By industry, the increase in IT-related hiring was as high as 37.5%, indicating the seriousness of the talent shortage.

 Companies had previously significantly reduced hiring due to the coronavirus pandemic, but now that the economy has started to recover, they have turned to increasing hiring. However, due to the worsening labor shortage, some companies were unable to secure the desired number of employees. Therefore, it is expected that a seller's market favorable to students will continue for some time.

reference:[DISCO Co., Ltd.] Corporate survey on hiring new graduates in 2025 - Recruitment policy survey (PDF)

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