On February 2020, 2, GaiaX Co., Ltd. started offering a live-type job hunting event "Online Job Hunting" that allows job hunting students to participate in job hunting briefings and roundtable discussions of multiple companies from anywhere using the Internet.

 With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, various events have been canceled, and the online approach is attracting attention.Especially in job hunting, "online job hunting" is effective in terms of the trend toward year-round recruitment due to early hiring.

 "Online job hunting" eliminates the job hunting gap due to problems such as the actual distance, time, money, and information between job hunting students living in rural areas or overseas and those living in the suburbs of Tokyo.In addition, since it is possible to participate in round-table discussions instead of one-way company explanations using conventional recording, it is possible to have two-way communication in real time and expand the options for subsequent job hunting.

 Companies need to "come to the venue" while various risks are expected throughout the year, such as holding the Olympic Games, disrupting transportation due to unseasonable weather and accidents, refraining from event activities due to influenza, new pneumonia, etc. It is possible to hold a stable briefing session with a high participation rate.

 One event in "Online Job Hunting" is a small group of 1 companies x 3 job hunting students.First, the company gives a presentation, and then 15 job hunting students are divided into 15 groups and participate in a roundtable discussion for each company for 3 minutes each.You can have an on-the-spot dialogue with field personnel from all participating companies.Students register by adding friends on LINE, pre-register only for the first time, and then participate in the event.

 Events are held by theme, not by company name. "I want to challenge the start-up of a business!Choose according to the student's own interests, not the company name, such as "Corporate Fair for Entrepreneur-Oriented Students", "Global Expansion Company Fair for Overseas-Oriented Students", "Fast-Growing Venture Company Fair to Create the Next Generation" be able to.

 "Online job hunting" has been tested on more than 2019 companies and 10 job hunting students since October 40, and good results have been obtained, such as students studying abroad in the United States being unofficially decided to be a manufacturer company in Tokyo.In the future, we aim to introduce 800 companies and use it for 2020 job hunters by the end of 300.

reference:[Gaiax blog] Live-type job hunting event "Online Job Hunting" that allows you to participate in job hunting briefings and roundtable discussions of multiple companies from anywhere. Eliminating the "employment gap"

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