The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has selected five award-winning schools for 2023 in the ``Award for Activities to Support Student Career Development at Universities, etc.''. Kyoto Sangyo University received the top award out of 5 schools that applied (26 universities and 24 junior colleges).

 The ``Award for Activities to Support Student Career Development at Universities, etc.'' is selected from among the efforts registered in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's ``Notification System for Activities to Support Student Career Development at Universities, etc.''. The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology awards initiatives as good practices that demonstrate high educational effects and can serve as models suitable for dissemination to other universities, companies, etc., and is carried out with the aim of widely disseminating the effects. There is.

 In 2023, 26 schools were selected as award-winning schools out of 5 schools that applied. The Grand Prize went to Kyoto Sangyo University, the Excellence Award went to Hokkaido University, Niigata University, and Kaishi Professional University, and the Selection Committee Special Award went to Osaka Public University.

 Kyoto Sangyo University, which won the grand prize, has been providing career development support education to all 2022 faculties in 2023 and 10. By taking advantage of the characteristics of a comprehensive university with all faculties gathered on one campus, we combine the basic section ``Career Training (work experience type)'' and the practical section ``Career Training (internship practical type)'' to improve student understanding. This is a program that helps students deepen their knowledge and clarify specialized and general-purpose abilities that they would like to utilize in their work. In addition, it operates with multiple local companies that have been collaborating with each other for many years, leading to the development of human resources who will play a role in the local community through industry-academia collaboration.

 The reason for the award is that practical activities are firmly incorporated into the curriculum based on the concept of COOP education, classes are offered in small classes of 10 to 123 students out of a total of 13 students in 20 classes, and teachers (part-time) (Including) 10 people, as well as administrative staff, provide detailed support to students through a collaborative system of teaching staff. In addition, by implementing a "learning status survey regarding career training subjects" based on the university-wide assessment plan, we will not only quantitatively understand learning achievement (results) but also provide individual feedback to students and encourage them to reflect. It was evaluated that efforts were being made appropriately to understand the educational effects after implementation, such as by providing opportunities.

Reference: [Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] Regarding the award for career development support activities for students at universities, etc. (formerly the internship award at universities, etc.)

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