Kawamura Gakuen Educational Corporation, which operates Kawamura Gakuen Women's University, held a board of directors meeting on April 2024, 4, and decided to suspend recruitment for the education major in the Faculty of Education and Graduate School of Humanities from 19. The decision was made that there was no prospect of a recovery in the number of applicants, as the number of applicants remained below capacity due to factors such as a decline in the 2025-year-old population and the recent trend towards co-education.

 The Faculty of Education was established in 1991, and the Graduate School of Education was established in 2011. In recent years, enrollment has continued to fall short, and although the Faculty of Education had reduced the number of students admitted from 2024 to 120 students starting in 70, it was not possible to reach the capacity.

The predecessor of Kawamura Gakuen Women's College was Kawamura Jo Gakuin, which was established in Mejiro, Tokyo in 1924 during the Taisho era. The university was established in 1988, and currently has the Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Lifestyle Creation, and Graduate School of Humanities (majoring in psychology, majoring in education, and majoring in comparative culture). Only the graduate school is coeducational.

 The Mejiro Campus (Toshima Ward, Tokyo), a 2-minute walk from JR Mejiro Station, has two departments: the Faculty of Letters, Department of International English (enrollment capacity: 30 students), and the Faculty of Lifestyle Creation, Department of Tourism and Culture (enrollment: 40 students). Other departments, including undergraduate departments, are located at the Abiko Campus (Abiko City, Chiba Prefecture).

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Kawamura Gakuen was founded in the Taisho era with the founding philosophy of nurturing ``self-aware women'' and ``service to society'' based on a ``heart of gratitude.'' Currently, it is a comprehensive liberal arts university with three faculties and graduate schools (master's and doctoral programs). Develop a rich education and advanced skills so that women can fully demonstrate their hidden power. A distinctive “[…]

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