According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the average annual student payments for the first year, such as entrance fees and tuition fees for private universities nationwide, were 2014 million yen in 131.The data was provided by the Japan Private School Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation and calculated, which is a decrease of 2013% compared to FY0.1.The total amount paid, including the experimental training fee, is 143 million yen, which does not seem to be a light burden for families who have sent boarding house students to the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Kansai area.


 In the liberal arts, the difference between faculties was negligible, but in the sciences, the cost of the pharmacy department and in the other departments of the art department was by far the highest as usual.In the medical and dental system, the cost of the dentistry department is high due to the tuition fee, and the cost of the medical school is large due to the entrance fee and facility maintenance cost.

 Private university junior college department and junior college have a tuition fee of 69 yen, an entrance fee of 25 yen, and a facility maintenance fee of 17 yen, for a total of 111 million yen. It is 2013% cheaper than in 0.4.Private colleges have a tuition fee of 46 yen, an entrance fee of 17 yen, and a facility maintenance fee of 11 yen, for a total of 74 yen. It was the same amount as in 2013.

reference:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] Survey results of student payments, etc. for students enrolled in 26 at private universities, etc.

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