List of articles of Osaka Public University

More than half of people infected with the new coronavirus have aftereffects, surveyed by Osaka Public University

 A research group led by Kazunori Imoto, a lecturer at Osaka Public University Graduate School, conducted a questionnaire survey of 285 people regarding the aftereffects of new coronavirus infection […]

Drug delivery by light-induced acceleration enables concentrated introduction into target cells Osaka Public University

 A research team at Osaka Public University has succeeded in constructing a new technology that efficiently introduces biofunctional molecules into target cells by light-induced acceleration.

Drug-resistant bacteria problem due to overuse of antibiotics, awareness survey in XNUMX countries including Nagasaki University

 Assistant Professor Kei Ito of the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University, jointly with Shizuoka University, Osaka Public University, and Kyushu University, has targeted 8 countries and regions around the world where drugs do not work […]

Elucidation of the perceived brightness of lighting when the eyes are closed, differences in light color and individual differences Osaka Public University

 Professor Hideki Sakai, Department of Residential Environment, Graduate School of Human Life Sciences, Osaka Public University, has traditionally considered the brightness of lighting that you feel when you close your eyes […]

Osaka Public University and Panasonic Connect will start offering "YOSS Cloud Service" from December 12 to catch children's SOS at an early stage and lead to support

 From December 2022, 12, Osaka Public University and Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. will provide children […]

Approximately 90 times the performance of power generation by human walking, Osaka Public University develops power generation element

 A research group led by SengsavangAphayvong, a graduate student of Osaka Public University (1st year doctoral student) and Associate Professor Takeshi Yoshimura […]

It is necessary to prevent new corona infections and control the flow of people at grocery stores and pharmacies Osaka Public University

 A research group led by Assistant Professor Ryo Kato and Professor Shigeshi Takizawa at the Graduate School of Human Life Sciences, Osaka Public University conducted research on relative changes in the flow of people in Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo prefectures […]

El Salvador field survey by Osaka Public University and others to identify high-risk areas for Chagas disease infection

 A research group from the Graduate School of Osaka Public University (Yuko Nitahara and others) and the Graduate School of Gunma University are working with the Ministry of Health of El Salvador and the University of El Salvador […]

Osaka Public University succeeds in demonstrating embodied cognition Hand restraint reduces semantic processing

 A research group at Osaka Public University found that restricting hand movements slows down the brain activity that processes the meaning of objects that can be moved by hand and the speed of verbalization […]

For elderly people with a lot of activity, "more outings" is more important than the length of time they go out.

Ichi Uemura, Graduate School of Rehabilitation, Osaka Public University, says that the more elderly people go out, the more physical activity they need to maintain their health. […]
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