List of articles by Keio University

AI program that can diagnose dementia from conversation, developed by Keio University and others

 Project Professor Taishiro Kishimoto of Keio University and FRONTEO Co., Ltd. have developed a “conversational dementia diagnosis support AI […]

What's happening in the brain when provoked and overly aggressive

 Male Mau […] so that humans feel frustrated and aggressive when they are maliciously directed by others or receive some kind of provocation (social provocation).

Keio University analyzes the reason for the new corona vaccination and change of heart

 A research group led by Shuhei Nomura, a specially appointed associate professor of Keio University School of Medicine, has conducted a large-scale national survey on the intention to inoculate the new coronavirus vaccine […]

Cooperation agreement with Keio University, Minamiaso Village aiming for ethical livestock industry, etc.

 Keio University Graduate School of Media Design is working with Kumamoto Prefecture Minamiaso Village, Kumamoto Prefecture Livestock Agricultural Cooperative Association and "Kumamoto Aka Beef" industry support.

Report on the 7th result of the continuous survey of the awareness of workers under the spread of new coronavirus infection

 Professor Toshihiro Okubo of the Faculty of Economics, Keio University and the NIRA Research and Development Organization have announced that they will be teleporting in Japan under the spread of the new coronavirus infection […]

Keio University and Yahoo! JAPAN release "National Mood Index" to visualize the mood of the world with AI

 Associate Professor Tadashi Ogoshi (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies), Senior Staff of Keio University SFC Research Institute, and Yahoo Japan Corporation open research on advanced big data and AI technology […]

Confirm that the robot arm can be perceived as a new body part of itself in VR space

 In "surplus limb robotics" that aims to expand physical function by adding artificially designed surplus limbs separately from the body that was born, surplus […]

Keio University and TVer enter into joint research to prevent overlooked distribution

 TVer, the official commercial TV distribution service, is working with Professor Takahiro Hoshino of the Faculty of Economics, Keio University, so don't miss the overlooked distribution […]

Keio University, early detection of mild cognitive impairment by simple EEG measurement

 A research group consisting of Professor Yasue Mitsukura of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Keio University and Brian Smari, a specially appointed lecturer of the Global Research Institute […]

Corona infection risk of voice support, increased by urethane mask

 The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has conducted a risk assessment of how much voice support at sporting events infects the new coronavirus […]
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