A research group led by Nobuyuki Hotta, Director of the Chemotherapy Center at Yokohama City University Hospital, and Sho Moriguchi, a joint researcher at Keio University School of Medicine, analyzed suicide data for 2012 years from July 7, and found that girls aged 10 to 10・It was found that there was a noticeable increase in the number of suicides among women.


 Suicide was reported to be the cause of death in 9,428 boys and men and 3,835 girls and women during the study period.For boys and men, despite social turmoil due to the spread of new coronavirus infection from 2020, there was no significant change in the number of suicides during the period.In contrast, among girls and women, the number of suicides increased during the COVID-XNUMX pandemic, and statistical significance was confirmed for all age groups.

 The research group emphasized the increase in suicide among women in their early teens, and believes that it was caused by reasons other than unemployment. It is speculated that

Paper information:[Lancet Psychiatry] COVID-19, young people, and suicidal behavior

Keio University
Yokohama City University

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