Article list of Kanto Gakuin University

Kanagawa University and Kanto Gakuin University conclude a partnership agreement with the opening of a new campus

 On March 2021, 3, Kanagawa University and Kanto Gakuin University, which are based in Yokohama, signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement at Yokohama City Hall.

Yokohama National University, Graduate School of Teacher Education, cooperation agreement with 5 universities to train teachers who will lead the creation of new schools in Kanagawa Prefecture

 Yokohama National University has a partnership agreement with Kanto Gakuin University, Kitasato University, Sophia University, Tokyo Science University, and Yokohama City University on the advancement of teacher training […]

Kanto Gakuin University opens a new campus on the site of the Education and Culture Center near JR Kannai Station

 Kanto Gakuin University has applied for the "Business of Utilization of the Site of the Education and Culture Center" in Yokohama City, which was publicly recruited from October 2017. […]

Enemane House 2015, Yamaguchi University and 4 other universities exhibit model houses

Five model houses that propose advanced technology and new ways of living under the theme of "students think about future homes" through collaboration between universities and private companies […]

Civil engineering girls dorodango classroom held Kanto Gakuin University

Kanto Gakuin University (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) announced on Saturday, August 2015, 8, "Body [...]" by the Civil Engineering Girls' Association (commonly known as Dobojo) for elementary school students.