Kanto Gakuin University (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) will hold an "Experience Class Art Dorodango with" Doboji "by the Civil Engineering Girls' Association (commonly known as Dobojo) for elementary school students on Saturday, August 2015, 8. "Let's make colorful objects using natural soil-" will be held.

In this hands-on classroom, students of the Civil Engineering Girls' Association will deepen exchanges with elementary school students through making doro-dango while using their knowledge of the field they are studying.The hands-on classroom started in 2010. "I want children and parents to know that the world of civil engineering is not just a society for men." "I want you to feel closer to the civil engineering field, which is indispensable for building a social infrastructure that supports daily life." This is the 6th time for the students, and many children participate every year.

The Civil Engineering Female Students Association was established in 1987 at the request of female class students in the Civil Engineering Department of Kanto Gakuin University.I have been working on various events in collaboration with female students who belong to civil engineering departments nationwide.

 Expectations for female engineers are rising as the construction industry feels a labor shortage due to demand for the Olympic Games and reconstruction after the earthquake. In 2013, the Japan Society of Civil Engineers published "Continuation is Power-Career Guide for Female Civil Engineers", and the movement to support the increase of female engineers is accelerating throughout the industry.

 On the day of the hands-on classroom, female students aiming to become engineers will use the characteristics of clay and sand, which are the basis of civil engineering, to create colorful mud dumplings with children using colorful paints.The venue is Yokohama Kanazawa Hakkei Campus, and the target is 1 elementary school students in the 4st to 50th grades (parents can visit), and the participation fee is free (applications for this year are no longer accepted).

Source:[Kanto Gakuin University] Experience class / Art Dorodango with "Dobojo"

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