List of articles on on-demand lessons

Sophia University starts pre-admission preparatory course "learn learning" to become a Sophia student from successful applicants

 At Sophia University, a new pre-admission preparatory course "Learn to learn" will start in 2022.The first year is about 2022 enrollees in April 4 […]

Concluded an alliance with Tokai University, Kinki University, Teikyo University

 Three private universities, Tokai University, Kinki University, and Teikyo University, which have a wide range of academic fields including the medical school, have signed an alliance.New Coronaui […]

Kinki University Thorough infection control, face-to-face class start

 Kinki University advocates face-to-face implementation of educational and research activities in 2021 in principle. All classrooms […] at the start of the first semester class on April 4