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The University of Tokyo confirms the existence of a zero price effect on children's medical expenses

 Professor Toshiaki Iizuka of the Graduate School of Economics, the University of Tokyo, and Professor Hitoshi Shigeoka of the Department of Collaborative Research in Public Policy, provide information and receipts (medical report […]

Japanese children who can put up with the food in front of them Is it derived from the "waiting" dining habit?

 International collaborative research groups such as Kyoto University, the University of Tokyo, and the University of California, Davis will eat after everyone is together, saying "I'll have it" […]

Connected to learning how to play digital games, Toru Fujimoto Laboratory, University of Tokyo holds an online seminar on 2/17

 Toru Fujimoto Laboratory, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo will hold an online seminar on February 2022, 2.Collaboration with AEON Fantasy Co., Ltd. […]

Did the pandemic of the new corona affect children's sociality?

 In a pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, staying at home and avoiding crowds and keeping a distance from others (social distance) […]

Edogawa University Holds Online Course on the Theme of "Playing with Toys to Expand Your Imagination"

 Edogawa University Children's Communication Research Institute will hold a "Children's Communication Research Institute Open Lecture" on Saturday, October 2021, 10 […]

13.6% of elementary and junior high school students have moderate depressive symptoms, Hirosaki University survey

 Professor Kazuhiko Nakamura, Graduate School of Medicine, Hirosaki University, Associate Professor Masaki Adachi, Associate Professor Yoshio Takahashi, Specially Appointed Takuya Saito, Hokkaido University Hospital […]

Japanese children with developmental disabilities are "highly anxious" Survey by Tokushima Bunri University, etc.

 Professor Yuki Matsumoto, Department of Child Studies, Faculty of Human Life, Tokushima Bunri University, Associate Professor Yuma Ishimoto, Tottori University University Education Support Organization, Kobe University Graduate School of Human Development and Environmental Studies […]

Japan's first child poverty research consortium launched to support policy making

 Japan's first research consortium specializing in research on child poverty was established with the participation of Osaka Prefecture University and Tokyo Metropolitan University. […]

Pediatric medical expenses subsidy increases drug costs for healthy children, University of Tokyo survey

 Full subsidies for pediatric medical expenses promoted by local governments are increasing drug costs for children in good health and increasing overall medical costs […]

Nagoya University jointly develops intelligence test with Mongolian State University of Education and solicits donations by crowdfunding

 Nagoya University, in collaboration with Mongolian State University of Education, has begun developing an intelligence test for Mongolian children.However, it is nearing completion […]
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