List of articles on mental illness

Kyoto University reveals brain regions and patterns in which genes related to anxiety disorders are expressed

 Kalyani Karunakaran, a graduate student at the Kyoto University Advanced Research Center for Human Biology (API-ASHBi) (at the time of the research), and Amemori […]

Deep learning identifies adolescents at high risk of suicide, University of Tokyo, etc.

 Graduate student Taiki Nagaoka, Associate Professor Shuntaro Ando, ​​Professor Kiyoto Kasai of the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine, Associate Professor Kei Usami of the Graduate School of Education, Tokyo Metropolitan Medical […]

Online psychiatric consultation is as effective as face-to-face treatment, proven by Keio University, etc.

 Keio University, Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, and Kobe University have confirmed that online psychiatric consultation has the same therapeutic effect as face-to-face consultation.

University of Tokyo discovers that changes in psychological difficulties during adolescence are correlated with changes in brain electrical potential generation

 A research group at the University of Tokyo has revealed that the more psychological difficulties people experience during adolescence, the lower their ``mismatch negative potential'' […]

Psychiatric treatment guideline training, effective in correcting the gap with treatment

 The gap between recommended treatment methods and actual treatment methods in psychiatric medicine has become a problem, but seminars on clinical guidelines are becoming increasingly popular.

Hyogo College of Medicine and National Institute for Physiological Sciences discover that memory changes when breathing patterns are manipulated

 A joint research group at Hyogo College of Medicine School of Medicine and National Institutes of Natural Sciences National Institute for Physiological Sciences […]

Demonstration of therapeutic effect of psychiatric occupational therapy, relaxation of tension by concentrating on work while sharing a place with others

 It is said that it is difficult to explain the therapeutic effect and mechanism of occupational therapy in psychiatry.For example, occupational therapy is characterized by occupational activities (e.g. […]

Consolidation of unpleasant stress memories induces subsequent psychiatric symptoms Tohoku University and the University of Tokyo

 Tohoku University and the University of Tokyo have revealed that hippocampal activity to enhance memory is associated with the development of stress-induced psychiatric symptoms (such as depression) […]

Early consultation service is useful for youth mental health, Toho University announces results

 The research group of Professor Takahiro Nemoto of Toho University is a one-stop consultation service for young people regarding mental health.

Advanced medical human resources development program, S evaluation to 3 schools including Kumamoto University

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology made an interim evaluation of the business contents of the seven national universities selected for the problem-solving advanced medical personnel training program, and Kumamoto University, the University of Tokyo, and the University of Tsukuba […]
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