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Saitama Institute of Technology participates in Kawasaki City's first self-driving bus demonstration experiment

 Saitama Institute of Technology will conduct the “2023 KAWASAKI New Mobility Service Demonstration Experiment” (representative organizer: Kawasaki Tsuru […]

Self-driving bus of Saitama Institute of Technology, demonstration experiment on public roads in Makuhari Shintoshin area

 Saitama Institute of Technology, Keisei Bus Co., Ltd., Sompo Japan Insurance Co., Ltd., Aisan Technology Co., Ltd., Construction Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., stock […]

Saitama Institute of Technology's self-driving bus achieves an annual mileage of 2 km or more with two buses

 Saitama Institute of Technology is an automated luck […] as an activity record of the "Automated Driving Technology Development Center" in 2021 (April 2021 to the end of March 4).

Eiichi Shibusawa "Rongo no Sato Circulation Bus" Achieves Autonomous Driving of Approximately 1 km Saitama Institute of Technology

 Saitama Institute of Technology and Fukaya Kanko Bus Co., Ltd. will be in line with the NHK Taiga drama "Reach Beyond the Blue Sky" from Tuesday, February 2021, 2 to 16 […]

Participated in the autonomous driving demonstration experiment of Saitama Institute of Technology Cabinet Office for the second consecutive term

 Saitama Institute of Technology aims to realize a safe and comfortable autonomous driving society, and the Cabinet Office's Strategic Innovation Creation Program (SIP) Phase 2 "Self [...]