Saitama Institute of Technology will participate as a business partner in the "2023 KAWASAKI New Mobility Service Demonstration Experiment" (representative organizer: Kawasaki Tsurumi Rinko Bus Co., Ltd.), which will be held in Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, by providing self-driving buses.This is the first demonstration test operation of self-driving buses using large buses in Kawasaki City.

 Most of the route buses in Kawasaki Ward are routes that extend radially from Kawasaki Station toward the sea, and the problem is that there is little local transportation that traverses the route network vertically.In order to solve these regional transportation issues in Kawasaki Ward, we will understand the needs of users through demonstration tests of new mobility services in collaboration with commercial facilities and events that create purpose for going out. Aiming for a regional public transportation network.

 The period is from October 2023, 10 (Monday) to October 23, 27 (Friday).The route is Rinko Bus Shiohama Office, Sangyo Road, and Daishibashi Station, making six round trips a day.While looking ahead to future social implementation on industrial roads, which are Kawasaki's main transportation artery, we will first aim to reduce the burden on bus drivers by level 1 (driver on board, switching between automatic and manual modes depending on the situation). It operates on

 In the demonstration experiment, Aisan Technology will be in charge of high-precision 1D map creation and operation support, Tokai Rika will be in charge of the remote monitoring system, and the vehicle will be an autonomous bus (capacity: (24 driver seat, XNUMX seats).This time, the purpose is to verify the technology, and general passengers will not be allowed to ride.

 This self-driving bus demonstration experiment will be carried out in response to the adoption of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's 2023 (Reiwa 5) Co-Creation Model Demonstration Project.A co-creation model demonstration project refers to a project that considers transportation as an integral part of local life and works to maintain and revitalize it through co-creation with a variety of local stakeholders.

Reference: [Saitama Institute of Technology Autonomous Driving Special Site] Saitama Institute of Technology will participate in demonstration test operation of self-driving buses in Kawasaki Ward

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