Saitama Institute of Technology is a member of a consortium with NTT Communications as the lead company for the autonomous driving demonstration experiment conducted by Aichi Prefecture for a total of four days from February 2023 to 2, 10. participated as14 will be the second time that Saitama Institute of Technology will participate in the autonomous driving demonstration experiment in Aichi Prefecture.

 The venue is Aichi Expo Commemorative Park, where Ghibli Park opened in November 2022. Under the theme of "operating by self-driving bus on the bus route in the park", assuming a means of transportation for park users, etc., the first large-sized bus was operated automatically.Saitama Institute of Technology provided a large self-driving bus (developed by the university and also in operation as a school bus) of the same type as the bus used in the park.In addition, we built an autonomous bus system together with Aisan Technology.Automated driving and remote monitoring were handled by Meitetsu bus drivers.

 On the first day of the event, Hideaki Omura, the governor of Aichi Prefecture, took a test ride on the 2.2km west route in the park, and at the press conference after that, highly evaluated the technology of the self-driving bus developed by Saitama Institute of Technology.For two days during the period, the car was driven with a general test drive monitor.

 In this demonstration experiment, two cutting-edge technologies were adopted in order to improve the safety and security of autonomous driving buses in cooperation with the companies implementing the consortium.One is a warning using AI video analysis technology, especially in areas where pedestrians and cars coexist, such as near parking lots. something like.The other is a system that clearly transmits the driving route and multiple cameras installed inside and outside the vehicle to a remote control room via 2G, and the control room and the vehicle communicate with each other to prevent accidents. Effectiveness such as delay was verified.

 In addition, as a reference demonstration, simulations of the movement of vehicles and pedestrians will be conducted to verify the safe and secure coexistence of self-driving buses and pedestrians, and various demonstration experiments aimed at implementing self-driving services in the park in the future. was done.

 Saitama Institute of Technology will continue to actively participate in demonstration experiments of advanced automated driving that will be held all over the country, and will work on research and development through industry-government-academia collaboration for the practical application of automated driving.

reference:[Saitama Institute of Technology Autonomous Driving Special Site] Article on participating in the Aichi Expo Commemorative Park demonstration experiment

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