One of the skin problems of many women, sagging face.Surprisingly, the structure of the skin on the face has not been well understood and the cause of sagging has not been fully studied.This time, for the first time in the world, the skin structure that maintains the shape of the face has been elucidated, and the mechanism by which facial sagging occurs with aging has been clarified.

Joint research with Kyoichi Matsuzaki, Associate Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery, St. Marianna University School of Medicine (currently a full-time lecturer at the Department of Plastic Surgery, Keio University School of Medicine), Takahiro Ochiya, Senior Director of Molecular Cell Therapy Research, National Cancer Center Hospital, and Shiseido The group examined the texture of the skin on the faces of 89 people and identified the structures characteristic of the skin on the faces, which they named the "anchor structure".In the dermis of normal facial skin, collagen fibers and elastic fibers that are the source of elasticity and elasticity are arranged in the horizontal direction, whereas in the anchor structure part, both fibers are arranged in the vertical direction. rice field.It was found that there are individual differences in the anchor structure, and that the shape of the face is firmly maintained and there is little slack in the skin with many anchor structures.The anchor structure was lost with age, which was the cause of the sagging face.

By understanding the skin structure of the face, it is expected that the development of beauty methods that are effective in improving sagging will progress further.Based on this achievement, Shiseido has already clarified that slack can be improved by exercising using facial muscles and the crude drug "licorice", and plans to apply it to the development of skin care cosmetics in the future.

Source:[Shiseido] Shiseido reveals the world's first skin structure that supports the shape of the face The trigger for facial sagging is the disappearance of the "anchor structure" (PDF)

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