The Institute for Protein Research, Graduate School of Medicine, and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University, in collaboration with Mandam Co., Ltd., announced that they have discovered human sweat gland cell stem cells and succeeded in regenerating sweat gland-like structures in vitro.

 So far, it has been clarified that stem cells exist in human epidermis, hair follicles, etc. and act on the maintenance of each function.However, in human sweat glands, it is unclear whether stem cells are present in the sweat glands because an isolation method has not been established in which only specific elements are extracted from the sweat gland cells necessary to prove the existence of stem cells. rice field.

 Therefore, the research group first set out to establish a method for isolating sweat gland cells from human skin tissue, and succeeded in identifying and isolating a marker that can be labeled accurately.Next, we discovered sweat gland stem cells from the isolated sweat gland cells, and succeeded in regenerating sweat gland-like structures in vitro using the sweat gland stem cells.

 In the advanced cosmetics science joint research course by Osaka University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Mandom, we are conducting research and development of basic technology for the creation of next-generation deodorant agents that will lead to sweating control.Until now, antiperspirants have mainly functioned to cover the sweat glands, but with this result, there is a possibility that new approaches such as "improving the quantity and quality of sweat" will be possible in the future by acting directly on the sweat glands. It is supposed to be.

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