Iwate Prefectural University's Faculty of Software and Information Science, Software Design Course, in collaboration with DNP Digitalcom Co., Ltd., software for embedding a smartphone application that can measure indoor positions with high accuracy using a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon (transmitter). We have developed a development kit (SDK) and released it on September 9th.

With the conventional method, there was a point that stable navigation was difficult because positioning was performed with the radio wave of one BLE beacon, but the SDK developed this time receives radio waves from multiple BLE beacons and uses a unique algorithm for the user. Since it is possible to measure the current location of the radio wave with high accuracy, the positioning accuracy in a large atrium space, which has been difficult until now, has been greatly improved.

Furthermore, until now, it was necessary to investigate the radio wave condition in advance and decide where to install the positioning beacon, but this SDK will also significantly reduce the preparatory work at the time of introduction.For users, not only is it possible to smoothly grasp the current location in indoor spaces where GPS was not available until now, such as large facilities with complicated structures and station premises, but also positioning is performed using only the radio waves of the BLE beacon. You don't have to hold the terminal in your hand all the time, and you can perform positioning even when you put it in your pocket or bag.

Currently, it has already been decided to use it in navigation apps for public transportation facilities such as train stations, and DNP Digitalcom intends to work on developing apps for complex facilities such as large shopping centers and airports in the future.

Source:[DNP Digital Com Co., Ltd.] Jointly developed a software development kit (SDK) for indoor positioning functions with DNP Digital Com for navigation apps at Iwate Prefectural University.

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