Tokyo Agricultural University has signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with a major trading company, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President Tatsuo Yasunaga) to solve food and environmental problems on a global scale.In the future, we will actively utilize the human resources and international networks of both parties to cooperate with the development of domestic and overseas agriculture and related industries.

The agreement conclusion ceremony was held at the Agricultural University Academia Center on the Setagaya Campus of Tokyo University of Agriculture. Takuji Business Promotion Manager and others attended.We have signed an agreement to deepen mutual cooperation in revitalization of agriculture and related industries, international cooperation activities through agricultural development support, and human resource development.Through joint research, efforts will be made to help protect the global environment and solve food problems.

The purpose of the Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement is to systematically promote activities based on mutual trust in a wide range of fields such as industrial technology development, social contribution, human resource development, and promotion of regional economies.On the university side, there is an advantage that research can be made smoother by having a management organization created by representatives of the university and the company take charge of budget management and progress management of joint research that has been promoted for each individual faculty member.From the perspective of companies, expectations are widening that the knowledge and research results of the university can be utilized in their own activities.

For this reason, comprehensive cooperation agreements between universities and companies have come to be concluded all over the country.So far, Tokyo Agricultural University has been involved in various fields such as revitalization of the local economy, development of the food and cosmetics industry, and development of food and agriculture cooperation products. We have comprehensive cooperation agreements with Kobe City), rental farms, agricultural consultant My Farm (Headquarters, Kyoto City), and Abashiri Shinkin Bank (head office, Abashiri City, Hokkaido), a local financial institution.
Source:[Tokyo University of Agriculture] Tokyo University of Agriculture concludes a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Mitsui & Co. (PDF)

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