In collaboration with Sanei Saccharification Co., Ltd. (Aichi Prefecture), Professor Onishi of Chubu University and others have revealed in human clinical studies that the oligosaccharide "maltobionic acid" suppresses the outflow of bone components and helps maintain bone components. bottom.This time, the Consumer Affairs Agency has accepted an application for labeling of foods with functional claims containing maltobionic acid as an ingredient.

 Bone, which is a reservoir of calcium, repeats bone formation by osteoblasts (cells that make bone) and bone resorption by bone-breaking cells (cells that break bone), and 1 to 20% is replaced in one year (bone metabolism). ..The risk of osteoporosis increases when bone resorption exceeds bone formation and bone density drops sharply.

 For about five years, the research team has focused on maltobionic acid, a honey-containing ingredient, and investigated the effects of bone health maintenance functions.In the evaluation test, addition of maltobionic acid to bone marrow cells derived from mouse femur suppressed osteoclast differentiation.In addition, as a result of feeding maltobionic acid-containing feed to the menopausal model mice in which the ovaries were resected and breeding them for 5 days, the decrease in calcium and bone density in the femur was significantly suppressed.

 In addition, we conducted a human clinical trial in which 40 g of granules containing maltobionic acid were ingested daily for 60 weeks for females in their 1s and 4s.As a result, the outflow of collagen components in bone was suppressed in 4 patients (more than 33 year after menopause).In addition, since maltobionic acid is an indigestible oligosaccharide, it was confirmed that it has an effect of improving bowel movements and an intestinal regulating function at the same time.

 As a result, maltobionic acid was accepted for the first time as a component involved in foods with functional claims such as "helping to maintain bone components" and "improving communication".It is expected that its use in health foods and general foods will expand in the future.Currently, the effects on humans are being investigated for the effects of promoting mineral absorption and improving bone density.

Paper information:[Food Science & Nutrition] Effects of corn syrup solids containing maltobionic acid (maltobionic acid calcium salt) on bone resorption in healthy Japanese adult women: A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study
[Journal of Applied Glycoscience] In Vitro Utilization Characteristics of Maltobionic Acid and Its Effects on Bowel Movements in Healthy Subjects

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